BlueControl – Internal Control Management Software

The BlueControl module is a key component of BlueSuite, providing real-time visibility and supervision over internal controls, including controls executed within legacy applications and external resources.

ERM is a core component of internal control and essential to good governance, but the use of information technology has evolved beyond compliance-based systems.  Forward-thinking organisations demand solutions that deliver long-term, cost effective and sustainable risk management that engages and adds value to the business, encourages individual accountability and helps to embed risk culture.

BlueControl is an innovative application and includes a repository of best practices to provide guidance for the design of an effective internal control system.  Intuitive and feature-rich, with BlueControl you can assign controls to operators based upon skill level and competency, schedule and monitor control execution (with alerts and escalation) and measure the effectiveness of key controls.  Comprehensive analysis and rich reporting of key controls data via customisable Control KPI dashboards with drill-down, provides the business with time-critical information to respond to control deficiencies and failures.

BlueControl enhances business performance by empowering risk owners with accurate and meaningful data in the format they want, and when they want.  Our state-of-the-art platform lets you create a personalised user experience that is better aligned with business needs.  “On the fly” screen modifications including drag and drop field positioning, cell activation, permissions based user access and data visibility etc., lets you quickly and effectively respond to business needs, delivering the data and metrics they require to make profitable risk-based decisions.

BlueControl helps you to identify key controls for the design of sophisticated Risk Treatment Plans, and lets you combine controls creation and execution with daily performance monitoring. The business benefits from visibility of control execution costs whilst making cost to benefit comparisons to determine optimal resource allocation.

BlueControl includes a sophisticated resource management tool to ensure that controls are assigned to personnel with the required level of expertise. Controls execution and escalation of issues, as appropriate, is achieved via real-time alerts through the management dashboard, Email and SMS, and in the event of a critical control failure, can initiate an immediate process interrupt.

BlueControl delivers real-time visibility of controls effectiveness and cost over time (trend analysis). Rich management dashboards provide immediate access to time-critical information and are accessible from any location via web browser or from the Desktop.

Fully integrated Predictive Risk Intelligence is an exclusive risk treatment technology developed by Oxial and configured with BlueControl that radically reduces the liklihood of operational losses, and includes tools to detect emerging threats that alert management to take pre-emptive action before risks have time to crystallise.

BlueControl key benefits include:

  • Customisable, pre-packaged industry standards & best practises,
  • Budget and measure cost of controls,
  • Capture & analyse results & data for control efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Monitor and verify compliance with business processes,
  • Proactive notification and escalation of issues via alerts,
  • Operational feedback,
  • State based workflow,
  • Real-time Control KPI dashboards, with drill-down

BlueControl can be implemented individually to suit your deployment plans, or in conjunction with BlueRisk as part of a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management Strategy.

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