OXIAL takes centre-stage in BDO’s Middle East Update

BDO is one of OXIAL’s most important partners, working together to help ensure African businesses are 100% compliance with global and local requirements. That partnership is featured in the October edition of BDO’s newsletter, Middle East Update, where Zakaria Fahim, Managing Partner & Head of Advisory, BDO Morocco describes it as follows:

“Both regulation and inherent risk is increasing for our clients in this fast-changing world. The BDO GRC supervised service is a subscription-based model where the appropriate module and regulatory content and best practices are selected to meet the compliance needs of our client. Our digitalized service is unique and totally disruptive, offering to BDO a very strong differentiation in the market.”

To learn more about the OXIAL / BDO partnership you can read BDO’s Middle East Update in full here, or you can get in touch with OXIAL:

OXIAL’s New Generation GRC solutions are entirely built to address some of the greatest challenges impacting organisations that are faced with Risk Management, Internal Control and Compliance and Audit. OXIAL’s integrated GRC platform enables organisations to become more efficient and effective in mitigating risk by integrating and automating GRC processes on a global scale.

Featuring intuitive and powerful tools that make it possible to respond to fast-evolving risk environments, OXIAL makes it easy to synchronise corporate governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance activities and undertake real- time monitoring across all business and IT processes and company assets. OXIAL operates globally across multiple industries and meets the needs of over 40 customers who have chosen OXIAL to drive business performance and achieve success.

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