We offer innovative solutions that help organizations meet new challenges in compliance, GRC, risk management, internal control and audit.

OXIAL’s integrated platform provides a centralized collection of quality information, delivering unprecedented efficiency when managing risk and regulatory requirements.

Equipped with advanced and intuitive tools, OXIAL facilitates the synchronization of corporate governance, reporting and compliance demonstration activities, significantly reducing the duration of audits and the workload of the teams involved.

On November 15 and 16, 2018, at the Beffroi de Montrouge, come and contribute to the reflections on the evolution of the profession of the GRC and risk management as a whole.

This year, become a full participant in the conference at the Cooperative Workshops. Let yourself be guided by inspiring personalities and the best experts throughout program sessions.

Internal audit, internal control, risks, compliance, …. The IFACI 2018 Conference is more than ever a unique opportunity to discover, share and co-create the best professional practices.

Nearly three in 10 organisations still not GDPR-ready…is your firm one of them?

More than three months on from the deadline of 25 May to be compliant with the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), new research has revealed that 28% of organisations do not feel completely compliant.
This idea of a number of European businesses not being GDPR-ready was highlighted further in the research conducted at Infosecurity Europe by security firm Imperva, with nearly one-fifth of respondents not confident that they will pass their initial GDPR audit.

Why Brexit is the ultimate in risk management
Brexit has undoubtedly been one of the most talked-about political events of the past few decades…and it hasn’t even taken place yet. On 29 March 2019, the UK will leave the European Union and the impact on businesses across the continent will be huge.

Or alternatively, the impact on European businesses could be much smaller – at this stage no one is really sure what will happen. There could be a hard Brexit, soft Brexit or even a no deal scenario and how people think events will unfold is highly subjective. That’s why managing and preparing for Brexit is perhaps the ultimate in risk management.

Compliance is a business function that has never been higher up the corporate agenda than it is now. Whereas it was once low-profile, it is now something that every business is aware of and something that most businesses take with the utmost seriousness.

GDPR is the most high-profile regulation in 2018 so far, but we live and work in a world that is increasingly regulated, with each different sector and geography coming with its own regulatory and governance requirements. Financial Services (FS) is a sector that is particularly compliance heavy.

In the first part of our Q&A with EY’s Pierre Pourquery, who leads the Control and Compliance solution for Europe, Pierre outlined the challenges faced by companies in banking and financial services (FS) and also discussed the stark need for those companies to change their entire approach to compliance and how they manage it.

In this second part Pierre goes on to explain just how OXIAL and EY are perfectly positioned to help with such a transformation.

For OXIAL, the concept of supervised compliance is one that really resonates with our business model and the way that organisations should operate in 2018. The idea of working with a technology firm to automate controls and processes around compliance, supported by informed consultants who know the legislation inside out, feels like a smart way to approach compliance. This is especially so in sectors such as banking and financial services (FS) where there is more compliance and regulation than ever before.

However, as with many phrases within business and technology, interpretations as to the precise meaning of ‘supervised compliance’ can vary. We caught up recently with EY’s EMEIA Financial Services Partner Pierre Pourquery who leads the Control and Compliance solution for Europe. Pierre knows as much as anyone about FS compliance and he explained the importance of supervised compliance for banks and why many banks are doomed if they do not embrace wider digital transformation projects.

A best-in-class, turnkey GRC solution across all 3 lines of defence. GRC EXPRESS is GRC in a nutshell, providing all the main GRC functionality combined on a single platform. GRC EXPRESS is designed for customers looking for a standard solution with preloaded referentials and all of the commonly-needed functionality for risk, control and audit.

Context :

GRC has evolved greatly over the past few years. It has moved on from a legal obligation (Basel II) with risk mapping to become a real dynamic for the running of a company, useful to its management and applicable to all sectors by offering control management systems, shared action plans and incident, claim and/or audit management.

In many ways, it’s never been harder to work in banking or the wider financial services (FS) sector. There are many pressures that have arisen over the past decade, ranging from public mistrust of the industry as a whole, to the emergence of more agile challenger brands and startups that are able to offer quicker, smarter and more appealing products and services.

There is also the issue of ever-increasing volumes and complexity of compliance requirements. Many FS organisations are active in a number of different countries, and demonstrating good governance and compliance in each of these is a highly demanding task. Furthermore, due in part to the financial crisis of 2008, there is a need to show more transparency in decision making, to both regulators and to potential customers.