A digital application to solve all your GRC needs

There are many ways our digital GRC application can help your organization. To be used internally, it covers classic GRC modules such as risk, control and audit as well as dedicated modules covering IT security, GDPR and projects. While we recommend SaaS use, it also works on-premise.

Support decision-making

Highlight risks and outstanding tasks or use the suite of expert tools for in-depth data analysis to help you detect new opportunities and provide a clear overview of your choices.

Predefined library of graphs and indicators
Integrated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Adaptable to each business

Easy communication between teams

With centralized repositories and easily accessible information, we make communication between teams effortless and remove barriers to remote working.

Notification center & Instant messaging
Advanced search & Favourites
Context-sensitive help buttons & Wiki

Harmonize and benchmark best practices

Identify areas for improvement and make sharing knowledge across teams easy. Gain a competitive edge by implementing and extending the very best practices across the business.

Centralised management of best practice models, and repositories
Libraries of best practices provided and maintained by our partners
Graphical comparison and AI/ML simulation tools

Create an impenetrable risk mitigation system

Easy to set up and use, the GRC application helps control costs and empowers you to utilize key resources. With an overview of every part of your organization, you can track and improve your progress across the board.

Adaptable and customisable workflows
Customisable key indicators and exportable audit trail
Customisable risk assessment methodologies

Comply with regulations

With everything in one place, manage and meet all compliance regulations so you can identify outstanding tasks, avoid financial penalties and keep your reputation stellar.

Ability to upload and update new documents and requirements
Mapping between regulations and all your repositories
Regulatory audits and pre-loaded self-assessment questionnaires

Main Modules

Organization chart

Create a comprehensive organization chart with components including entities, holding, directions, departments and services.

Activities and Processes

Identify successful processes at every part of your organization including processes, procedures and operating modes.


Map potential risks with key indicators such as categories, impacts, likelihoods, thresholds, causes and consequences.


Monitor business controls including internal control, operational control and level one and two lines of defence.


Create a seamless end-to-end auditing process from audit preparation and execution to analysis and reporting.

Incidents & Claims

Manage incident reports and escalated complaints in one easy-to-access place.

Action Plans

Manage your improvement and remediation action plans with minimal effort.

Regulations, Compliances & Best practises

Ensure your organization is compliant and benchmark processes to gauge their effectiveness, giving you a competitive edge in an ever-changing landscape.

Human resources & Third party

Easily manage human resources, skills and stakeholders.

Information assets & Data

Manage your IT, hardware and data resources to stay secure and meet GDPR requirements.

Oxial Dashboard Illustration

More examples

Enable your organization to effectively manage and mitigate other risks fields.

Cybersecurity & IT information risks

Enable you to effectively manage and mitigate dedicated risks: IT, project and mandat, ESG, EHS, HRR, GDPR, Legal.

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Project & Engineer mandates Risks

Enable you to effectively manage and mitigate dedicated risks: IT, project and mandat, ESG, EHS, HRR, GDPR, Legal.

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Benefits for your clients

Visual and educational access

Use visual aids like graphs, networks, indicators and processes to manage the scope of your organisation. 

Stay up to date and benchmark good practices

Supported by AI tools, react swiftly to regulatory requirements to avoid penalties and become a benchmark of good practices in your sector.

Reduce costs while increasing efficiency

With all your GRC needs in one place supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, reduce your costs and refocus your energies to optimize your operations.

Employee well-being

Keep staff engaged and motivated by assigning them high-priority tasks that benefit from their unique skillset.


Experience the power of Oxial's GRC solution & methodology.

We forge strong relationships with our partners that are based on long-standing collaboration and content creation.
Our platform is easy to navigate and includes functionalities for all stakeholders.
We never stop innovating and are constantly exploring new ways to bring our customers the best solutions and tools, especially when it comes to AI and machine learning.
We’re an independent software vendor and are supported by the Hammer team, a Swiss technology incubator.
Other platforms don’t have technology-backed content are often competing against partners.
Unlike Oxial, other content providers lack an agile and dynamic platform that meets an organization’s every need.
Global tech players take longer to adapt and develop software and features meaning long wait times and competition among partners.
BI platforms are missing a dynamic data-model framework.
Other Platforms

Other Solution

Supervised GRC Services

Oxial can also be used as a GRC-managed service where you’ll work with a supervised partner who’ll support you with the latest content on taxonomies, best practices, benchmarks and regulations as well as offering expert advice on things like analysis, supervision and outsourcing tasks.

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Client Testimonials

Read what our satisfied clients have to say

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Sandrine Galetto

Risk Manager, My Money Group

"We've been Oxial customers since the beginning of 2019, and over the years we've made the tool our own thanks to the close collaboration with the teams, their attentiveness, their understanding of our needs and, above all, their responsiveness throughout the acceptance phases, particularly during the migration project, which was a resounding success. Thanks to Oxial, risk assessments, the reporting of operational incidents and the monitoring of permanent controls have become much more fluid, and the new version of the tool has been very well received by users."

Didier Alleaume

Associate, Financial Services Advisory, Grant Thornton

"The OXIAL suite enables internal control policies to be built and reinforced by defining roles, operational procedures and monitoring execution... Thanks to its ability to customise reports and dashboards, the OXIAL suite enables initial decisions to be made on intraday time scales."

Younes Ennassiri

Risk Analyst, Autorité Marocaine du Marché des Capitaux

"It's an agile, highly competitive, user-friendly and intuitive application (...) with a useful reporting module."

Pierre Pourquery

Partner, Financial Services, Head of UK Capital Markets, Consulting, Ernst & Young

"It is time for FIs to move towards tokenisation and digitisation of capital markets activities. To achieve that, taking a comprehensive internal and external view is essential, as is then deciding where on the value chain to compete. There is then the comprehensive task of building up capability, including the right risk and regulatory controls. The good news is that FIs can leverage their core strengths - their client relationships and their understanding of the risk and the regulatory environment. Given the prize at stake, FIs need to develop the right tokenisation strategy, and quickly, to avoid being left behind. EY DAIA - Digital Assets Insights and Assessment Application empowered by Oxial"

Grégoire Pennone


"We chose OXIAL Suite for its extensive functional coverage, as it offers an overview of operational risks and the means of control implemented required by General Management... In addition, risks and controls are managed by a single tool that can automatically trigger alerts."

Emmanuel Fragnière

Auditor & Professor – HES-SO

"Oxial clearly stands out from the competition, as this solution is more "forward-looking" in terms of risk assessment, and more proactive with preventive and quality Level 1 controls, which significantly reduce the cost of Level 2 controls."

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