“OXIAL is agile, intuitive, delivers value and results. It’s engaging and has depth.” – Michael Rasmussen, the GRC pundit.

The new digital service offer Oxial sGRC – Supervised GRC

A sustainable response to the current challenges of risk management

Today, risk is an integral part of our daily lives: natural disasters, financial losses, cyber-attacks, confidential data theft, human conflicts, damage to reputation and notoriety, etc.

Thus, risk management is now at the heart of companies, communities and authorities concerns. It has become a crucial tool for companies’ sustainable performance and effective organization.

GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) has evolved in the last years to meet these challenges.

First, GRC must support the digital transformation of businesses by adapting to new information and communication technologies. It is with modern tools that GRC will be able to meet current challenges: digitalization, continuous availability of information, data security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

In addition, GRC must also support all stakeholders by responding to increasingly demanding and numerous compliance requirements. Communication and expertise play a key role in this system in order to exchange knowledge, know-how, good practices, regulatory monitoring, etc.

Finally, GRC must serve companies and their projects to achieve effective and efficient results. The implementation of a risk management system must, therefore, be adapted to companies’ contexts, a source of opportunities, a cost reduction factor and must be based on a scalable and sustainable methodology.

From these observations, a disruption of the traditional GRC model is required.

Therefore, for the past 3 years, Oxial has been developing a new working model based on 3 fundamental principles: expertise, co-production and sustainability.

  • Each individual stakeholders’ expertise: business, project, technical, technological, …
  • A permanent co-production between all the actors: subsidiary, group, authority, council, publisher, …
  • Sustainability in objectives, performance and commitments.

sGRC, together towards sustainable success

What our clients say

“We chose OXIAL Suite for its extended functional coverage because it provides an overview of operational risks required by Executive Management…. In addition, risks and controls are managed using a single tool that can automatically trigger instant alerts.”

Philippe Nierle Finance Director, Geneva Swiss Banque – Geneva, Switzerland

“OXIAL Suite helps to build and enforce internal control policies by defining roles, operating procedures and execution tracking… Thanks to its customisable reporting and control dashboard capability, OXIAL Suite allows upfront decisions to be made on an intraday timescale.”

Didier AlleaumePartner Risk & Compliance - CGI France

Why choose OXIAL?

Get your agile GRC solution

OXIAL Solutions offers interoperable software modules for the comprehensive management of risk, internal control, and internal audit – allowing safe and phased implementation of tools to master enterprise risk, expressly based on the implementation of permanent control plans, with dynamic effectiveness measurements.

Be in control

OXIAL’s solutions adapt easily to changes in your organisation as well as changes mandated by regulators. OXIAL provides a new generation GRC solution eliminating the main flaws of current GRC software packages, like long implementation times and complex change management.

Upcoming event

Manage Your Risks In The Digital Age

5th February 2019 – 8h30, Novotel, Dakar

Geneva Swiss Bank

When a complex environment, including rapid changes in the regulatory environment, upgrading operational risk management became one of the measure for reconciling objectives or risk and profitability.

Financial Market Regulator – Morocco

Finance in Morocco is a growing market and catalyst for initiative. New markets, such as futures, are being set up and new reforms in securitization and venture capital activities are being enacted.


OXIAL fosters partnerships with industry-leading companies to provide customers with innovative and sustainable GRC solutions. OXIAL’s GRC solutions deliver a superior client experience and meet the needs of today’s dynamic regulatory and business environments.

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