Join OXIAL at IFACI 2018

On November 15 and 16, 2018, at the Beffroi de Montrouge, come and contribute to the discussions on the evolution of the GRC industry and risk management as a whole.

This year, become a full and active participant in the conference at the Cooperative Workshops. Let yourself be guided by inspiring personalities and the best experts throughout the program sessions.

Internal audit, internal control, risks, compliance …. The IFACI 2018 Conference is a unique opportunity to discover, share and co-create the very best professional practices.

Learn more and talk to us personally at IFACI 2018:

As a recognized expert in risk management solutions, OXIAL offers innovative solutions that enable organizations to meet new challenges in regulatory compliance, risk management, internal control and auditing.

OXIAL’s integrated platform provides a centralized collection of quality information for unprecedented efficiency in managing risk and regulatory requirements.

OXIAL’s digital platform allows a continuous digital flow between the actors without breaking, relying on innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. It also facilitates the synchronization and the supervision of the activities of risk management, reporting and implementation, while significantly reducing the time required for team audits and workloads.

Recently, an interview was published in Morocco around the time of the plenary conference of CIDAF in Casablanca, on the theme “Risk management is a major challenge of digital transformation”.

In this video, you will better understand the challenges and trends of digital transformation for an efficient, secure and profitable transition of a company.

Contact us for a personal meeting.

Here is selection of some of the topics that may interest you:

  • Digital compliance: myth or opportunity?

  • What are the benefits of digitizing the compliance audit?

  • How can you reduce your risk of non-compliance and anticipate the risks of internal fraud?

  • Is digital compliance the new paradigm for achieving regulatory compliance?

See you at the IFACI conference on 15 and 16 November 2018.


Eric Berdeaux

CEO OXIAL — initial founder

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