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As part of our series of posts that look at some of OXIAL’s strategic partners in a little more detail, this month we focus on ANTAES, a consultancy with whom we are partnering to help organisations manage GDPR compliance.

Swiss innovation

ANTAES is a partner that is found much closer to home than some of our others. A fellow Swiss company, ANTAES takes the best of Swiss thinking and business acumen and uses that to extend its reach far and wide.

ANTAES employs around 170 consultants, and is a provider of operational performance expertise, offering high added-value service to companies from industry, banking and finance, the public sector, telecoms & media and pharmaceuticals. It works in synergy with skilled and experienced consultants to offer a differentiated strategy that effectively combines technology and business.

This approach enables ANTAES to successfully merge its business and technology outlooks to provide true value for its clients,

offering guidance and support around three main areas:

Optimised Organisational Performance

strategy, organisation, change management, programme/project steering and compliance.

Information System Management

project management, business analysis, design and development of solutions, IT solution delivery, integration and infrastructures.

Industrial Engineering

watchmaking, pharmaceuticals, life science, mechanics, logistics and specific machinery.

 OXIAL and ANTAES – partnering to address GDPR

OXIAL is mostly working with the GDPR team at. In December 2017 we launched our GDPR EXPRESS solution, which uses an automated approach to offer 100% compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect on 25 May 2018.

GDPR EXPRESS is based on OXIAL’s years of experience in risk management, IT security and compliance, and can be live and operational in less than 90 days. ANTAES is highly complementary to this, utilising technical solutions (such as GDPR EXPRESS) to address regulatory challenges whilst ensuring maximum data privacy and security at all times.

ANTAES consultant Diane Aguayo believes that many firms in Europe have been too casual in their approach to GDPR:

«A good number of the organisations we have spoken with did not realise that they were impacted by GDPR, and those that did were not sure about what their exact requirements were. This only heightened the need for an effective and efficient solution that would manage GDPR on an on-going basis.«

ANTAES’ approach has regulation and compliance at its core. It matches local laws, policies and regulations to GDPR, conducting a gap analysis between the current approach and GDPR requirements before implementing any changes and improvements. Data management and protection is a priority throughout the process, while ANTAES will also optimise IT development to keep costs down.

This is all wrapped up by ANTAES’ best-in-class project management, working with clients every step of the way to ensure they receive the required value and are 100% GDPR compliant.

GDPR, 25 May and on-going compliance

Combining the consultancy expertise and know-how of ANTAES with the technical excellence of our GDPR EXPRESS solution is a powerful offering for any organisation that needs to get to grips with GDPR. OXIAL works mostly with mid-sized financial services (FS) firms, but can partner with ANTAES to help organisations of any size in any industry with GDPR compliance, as Diane Aguayo explains:

«OXIAL allows organisations to digitise their compliance function and that is hugely attractive to firms that are unsure of how to go about that, but who recognise that it is necessary. It offers significant cost savings and allows ANTAES to add consultancy services so is a perfect partnership for anyone that wants a 100% guaranteed GDPR solution.»

The truth is that 25 May 2018 is not the end date for becoming GDPR compliant, rather it is the starting point. All data in that organisation from that point on needs to comply with GDPR, so it is vital that organisations treat GDPR as an on-going process, not something with a fixed end.

The best way of approaching this is via a digitised compliance solution, such as GDPR EXPRESS, in combination with an experienced business and technology consultancy such as ANTAES. That’s what makes our partnership with ANTAES such a strong one that we are keen to develop throughout 2018. To learn more about OXIAL partnerships, please get in touch with us here, or to learn more about ANTAES you can visit here.

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