GRC solution testimonial about psychosocial risks

November 9, 2016

Why is Oxial a precursor in working on more “upstream” with preventive controls?

Find out why thanks to the collaboration with Prof Fragniere, OXIAL is an innovative GRC solution.

About Professor Fragniere.

Co-founder and co-director of the Laboratory of Market Research (LEM), Emmanuel Fragnière is Professor at the University of Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Holder of the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) and a PhD in SES of the University of Geneva, he’s specialised in risk management, particularly interested in the use of market research to understand the challenges of trading raw materials.

Emmanuel Fragnière is also Lecturer at the School of Management at the University of Bath, England. He was previously Commodity Risk Analyst at Cargill and Scientific Advisor in the internal audit of the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise. He has published in several academic journals such as Management Science and Interfaces. Emmanuel Fragnière is also co-director.

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