No-deal Brexit could spell disaster for firms struggling to stay on top of GDPR

February 15, 2019

We’ve written previously about how Brexit is the ultimate in risk management. Organisations must fully understand their level of exposure to Brexit – what is their supply chain, who do they trade with and what the likely impact of Brexit will be?

They can either make changes ahead of time to mitigate that risk or at least put in place contingency plans for the future. That’s a hard task right now because of the sheer uncertainty involved with Brexit. Even now, with just over a month or so until Brexit takes place, we do not know what form it will take or even if there will be a deal or not.

This uncertainty is hampering businesses and the wider economy all over Europe. But as negotiations continue to go around in circles, the prospect of a non-deal Brexit gets larger. Such a scenario brings with it further complications for any business that works with data and moves that data around between the UK and EU countries.