Practical GDPR tips for any Data Protection Officer

June 20, 2018

A key requirement of GDPR is that organisations must now employ a data protection officer (DPO), who will have overall responsibility for ensuring GDPR compliance for that organisation.

It’s a highly demanding role, but luckily, with GDPR deadlines now looming very large indeed, there is no shortage of advice around on how best to manage GDPR compliance. However….much of this advice is theoretical and given by people who lack hands-on experience. What would be far more useful for a DPO, is practical and specific advice, given by an expert in the field and experienced in ensuring organisations stay on the right side of compliance requirements.

That’s why we have created our latest whitepaper 10 practical tips to ensure compliance for data protection officers. We want to offer smart, sensible and practical tips that will be genuinely helpful, especially when it comes to building and maintaining a link between the business owner and the organisation’s data.

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