What benefits are there from a strong GRC function and can it affect the bottom line?

March 7, 2019

As one of the world’s foremost GRC providers, recognised by analysts for the strength of our technology and working with an array of blue-chip customers across a variety of industries and territories, we are obviously major advocates for an efficient and effective GRC function.

Remaining compliant with relevant regulation has become a much more involved process over the past decade or so, while at the same time there is more risk to businesses than at any other point in time. Organisations have to do much more to demonstrate compliance and it can be a significant undertaking that requires time, resource and the right technology platform to get right, while managing and mitigating risk is a long-term and on-going task.

But what are the advantages of doing all this? How can a strong and demonstrable record of compliance and regulatory adherence be utilised by businesses?