Collaboration : the best approach when it comes to addressing data privacy and cybersecurity

June 7, 2017

The past few months have highlighted yet again the challenges for any organisation looking to defend itself against the threat of cyber attack in the modern world. Hackers are more organised, professional and targeted than they have ever been before, and traditional ways for a company to defend itself against such attacks have proved to be wholly inadequate.

New approaches are required, which is why OXIAL is partnering with Global Data Sentinel (GDS), a New York-based leading cyber security solutions provider and Mice360, a Washington-based cybersecurity think tank and accelerator to jointly develop the next-generation of GRC solutions. These solutions will be for use by both the public and private sector markets and we are aiming to deliver an end to end solution for data privacy (GDPR) and cybersecurity.

Best in breed partners

We have selected our partners in this new venture very carefully, searching for the best providers that will complement our own award-winning technology. The new GRC solution will bring together real-time analytics and automation from OXIAL’s full-featured GRC suite and GDS’ cybersecurity and information protection capabilities.

It will incorporate best-practice standards, enterprise rights management, and numerous regulatory frameworks across multiple risk scenarios (including AML/KYC, fraud, financial, IT, process and business), and will be the perfect solution to address the overlapping needs of GRC and cyber security.

Here is what our new partners had to say on the collaboration:

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with the team at OXIAL, who have demonstrated their ability to deliver industry-leading GRC software solutions for customers in highly regulated markets such as banking, insurance, healthcare and the public sector,” said John-Philip Galinski, CEO and founder of Global Data Sentinel.

“With the exponential growth of data breaches from cyberattacks and internal threats, and the resulting legislation we’re seeing as a result, it is logical that organisations will be eager to work with solutions providers that integrate GRC with cybersecurity and mitigate the risk up-front. Recent legislation has changed the needs of the market considerably, and we believe we have a tremendous partner in OXIAL to help meet the demand we are seeing.”

“The current market regulations implemented in Europe and the new cybersecurity initiatives announced by the White House, will require near real time assessment, reporting and compliance,” said Shahal Khan, Partner of Mice360, Inc. “The uniqueness of GDS’ data security solution combined with OXIAL’s powerful reporting platform, allows the C-suite to ascertain that they are maintaining a complete level of compliance needed, with a powerful combination not previously available to the market.”

The final word on this (for now) must go to our CEO Eric Berdeaux:

“The recent introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation has brought about the convergence of enterprise policies and technology. From GDPR in the European Union, to other regulatory frameworks elsewhere in the world, such as the New York State Department for Financial Services (NYDFS) legislation that oversees the majority of U.S. banking and financial services firms, we’re developing solutions that solve the needs of our customers and bring them peace of mind when it comes to managing complex organisational and regulatory mandates.”